Saint-Bris en Bourgogne

saint bris en bourgogne

A unique geographical situation

The Bourgogne winegrowing region spead on 230 km from North to South, it has 28 334 hectares of vines in production which represent 6% of the AOC French vineyard. Burgundy wines represent 0.5% of the world's wine production. Besides its ideal central location, Burgundy benefits from well-suited climatic and geographical conditions to vine cultivation that gives its wines a unique identity.
The town of Saint-Bris le Vineux is located in northern Burgundy, more precisely, in the vineyard called Grand Auxerrois, it is about 170 km south of Paris.

The Grand Auxerrois offers a beautiful palette of wines, of all colors, appellations that draw their characters from the limestone soils of the Yonne Valley.
The great diversity of grape varieties planted in Saint-Bris le Vineux make it a unique wine village in Burgundy. Beyond the main grape varieties chardonnay, pinot noir and aligoté we can find some vineyards of gamay (used mainly in blend for the making of crémant) but also few vines Cesar (local grape which can be used in small percentage blended with pinot noir for the Irancy, or by itself like in our cuvée Sorius) and of course the Sauvignon at the origin of the Saint-Bris appellation.
This is the only place in Burgundy where you can find sauvignon.

Taste the Vins de Bourgogne

Burgundy is home of renowned wine varietals, and the wines, mostly single-varietal, allow to sublimate them. They offer an exceptionnal "purity of expression" and a great aromatic richness. Each wine expresses its own personality and the tipicities related to its terroir of origin.
The large range of Burgundy wines allows winemakers to offer wines to keep for aging as well as wines to be consumed younger. The wines of Burgundy, either reds or whites, are distinguished by the finesse and elegance of the aromas they offer rather than their power.

Whites Wines Aromas

The white wines, dry, express in their youth, fresh fruit aromas, or floral scents, always underlined by a subtle minerality.
With age, they become more complex, the aromas change for hints of honey and dried fruits, the wines become more rounded.

Red Wines Aromas

In their early years, the red wines of Burgundy often reveal notes of fresh red fruits like cherrie or berries. They are the characteristics of the Pinot Noir grape variety. Floral, spicy or animal notes appear on the older red wines.

Discover all the subtilities of the Burgundy Wines during your cellar tastings.