Storage Tips

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How to store wine

The ideal solution is to keep bottles of wine in a below-ground cellar at a constant temperature of 54°F (12°C) and a humidity of 70-75%, but this is not always possible. Wine coolers can, depending on the models, be a good alternative. For long-term preservation, you should opt for a high-performance wine cooler. It must be kept away from anything with a strong smell like chemicals, paints, garlic, etc. the smell will permeate through the cork and affect the wine. The three factors determining the good conservation of wines:


The Temperature

Ideally between 54°F 12 ° and 16 ° C
The temperature has a major influence on the wine evolution. The warmest it is, the faster the wine evolves. Too much sudden temperature variations are very harmful to wine and must therefore be avoided. If the temperature rises a few degrees in the summer, there is no problem, but make sure it does not exceed 18 ° C.

The Humidity

Ideally 70-75%
For a good wine aging, humidity is also very important. Without it, the corks dry, the wine evaporates and may oxidize. Check the humidity regularly and do not hesitate to use a large tank of sand by watering it regularly or slightly water the soil of the cellar directly. In the same way, leave the bottles lying so that the cork is always in contact with the wine. Too much moisture will not deteriorate the wine.

The Darkness

Prolonged exposure to light can be very detrimental to wine. The "light struck" is an aromatic deviance that can be encountered, giving an unpleasant smell, especially on white wines. Un-tinted glass bottles are the most sensitive and must be protected. Keep your wine in the utmost darkness and favour a slight lighting avoiding neon lights.

Wines shelf life

Generally, most of the red wines can be kept from 2 to 10 years while the whites should be consumed within 5 years. Everything depends on the wines and the storage conditions if these ones are not optimal, the wines age much faster. But it also depends on your personal taste, whether you like them in their freshness, on the fruit or if you like them more evolved, with tertiary aromas developed.

Be careful, the wine particularly hates to spend long hours in a car on hot days.