Tasting Notes

To fully appreciate them, we advise you to let the wines rest a few days after a journey before tasting them. This is to allow it to stabilize and to be at its optimum. A good tip for those who can't wait that long, is a 2 to 3 hours stay in the fridge between 4 and 8 °C (39,2 - 46,4°F) to stabilize it quickly. Think, on the other hand, to bring it back to the appropriate temperature of tasting before serving it.

dégustation vin domaine

Serving temperature:

It is very important point, too cold, it "breaks" the wine, the aromas retract, the tannins are harder and you feel more bitterness. Too hot, it brings out the alcohol. In both cases, the flavors are not fully revealed. Think that the wine heating up about 2 degrees as soon as it is in the glass. It is not necessary to put the wine in the refrigerator the day before, 1 to 2 hours in advance is generally sufficient. You can also dive the bottle 30 minutes in an ice bucket (half water, half ice). For white and sparkling wines a temperature of 12 ° C (53°F) is ideal, a little cooler if served as an aperitif (8-10 ° C, 45-50°F). For red wines, serve them at around 16 ° C (60°F). Remember that it is better to serve them slightly too cold rather than too warm.



Avoid piercing the cork to the opening to avoid weaken it and that pieces fall into the wine. Begin by serving a glass bottom to check that it has no fault, and possibly decide to decant it if needed, and only then you can serve it. Most of young red wines can get benefits from decant, this will open the wine, soften the tannins, and reveal the aromas. For the older ones, more fragile, they might not be able to bear the decant and they risk losing their bouquet. In case of corked wine, bring it back where you bought it to have it checked and replaced, of course, it is best if the bottle is not almost finished or empty!

Keep an opened bottle

Once opened, a bottle can be kept for a few days. It is important to close the bottle immediately, with its original cork (only if you put it back in the same direction, as the outside may have been contaminated), a glass stopper, a vacuum pump system or other Inert gas systems and store it in a fridge or a cool place protected from light. If you do not drink it after 4/5 days, you can still cook with it instead of throwing it away.